booking policy:

We suggest pre-booking your refills after your service before leaving the salon to ensure you have an appointment at the date and time when needed. Refill is recommended at least once a month to ensure your lashes are happy and healthy. We remove all grown out lashes.

late policy:

Please inform us if you are running late by calling or sending us a text message, otherwise we will assume that you will be not showing up. If you are late less than 15 minutes we will try our best to fill in as much lashes as possible, but we can not guarantee full satisfaction of your result. If you shows up late, at a MAXIMUM of 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment, the technician has the right to cancel that appointment, enforce the late cancellation fee, and put that fee toward the rescheduled appointment upon completion. Often we have next client right after you so we can not go over the time booked.

Cancellation/No Show Policy:

We ask that you would let us know 24 hours before your appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel it. If you need to cancel it on the same day, you may be charged a cancellation fee. You will receive 2 emails for your appointment. First email will be sent immediately after booking your appointment. Second email which is a confirmation email will be sent 48 hours before the appointment. You can go to our online booking system and cancel your appointment at your convenience or email and call the salon. Should you choose to keep your appointment after the second email is sent, you have 24 hours to cancel to avoid any fees. 
We reserve the right to charge a no show fee 100%.

Refill from other salons:

Clients who come to appointments with lashes from another salons, the work must be properly done. If the eyelash extensions are improperly applied or are too overgrown, or hindering lash health in any way- you will be advised by your technician that a removal and new full set is recommended. It is your technician discretion to follow through the job from another salon or use the right to refuse from the service until a removal has been done.

Children Policy:

We accommodate multiple clients at the same time and offer services in a relaxing atmosphere. You will not be able to attend to children while your services are being performed. Unfortunately we are unable to watch children for you and will not be held responsible. We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule an appointment in the event children are present and unsupervised in which case our cancellation policy may take effect.

Makeup Policy:

Please arrive to your lash appointment with clean lashes or 10 minutes before your appointment to wash the lashes at our salon. If your lashes are not clean, we can not guarantee good retention for your lashes.


At Èclat Studio we offer a 3 day guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy or have lost an excessive amount of lashes, we encourage you to contact us immediately to discuss any issues so we can happily fix them at no extra charges. Guarantee is valid only if you let us know within 3 days after your appointment.


Please note that any reactions to eyelash extensions are not foreseeable by Éclat Studio skilled and trained staff. No refunds will be given for reactions. Éclat Studio do offer a free removal if any reactions occurs. Please contact with the salon immediately if you become aware of allergic reaction so we can assist you as quickly as possible.



  • Do not get your eyelashes wet the first 24h after the appointment. That also goes for saunas, steam baths, spa etc. 

  • Avoid touching your lashes with fingers (except when cleaning them), pulling or rubbing. 

  • ONLY use oil-free products around your eyelashes, that includes make up removals etc. Oil is not your friend while wearing eyelash extensions.

  • Brush your eyelashes every morning with a special mascara wand. Try to keep it clean or change it once a while for a new one.

  • When applying creams around your eyes, please be careful with the lash line. Too many products can break down the adhesive.

  • Proper cleaning is important and keeps your eyelashes healthy. More about how to wash with Eclat Studio Vippe Shampoo and clean your eyelash extensions read below.

  • DO NOT use cotton pads or Q-tips to remove your eye makeup. This can damage your eyelashes and cause extra loss.

  • Mascara is not recommended.


Eyelash extensions don't cause bacterial infection, but improper hygiene does.

What less attention you put on your eyelashes like touching them, adding makeup etc. the better they will last.


                                     How to clean your eyelash extensions

  • Wash your hands before cleaning your eyelashes.

  • Add Eclat Studio Vippe Shampoo on your hands and fingers. Gently rub it in your eyelashes and eyes (or you can as well use the cleaning brush). The movement should be up to down, the direction your eyelashes are placed.

  • Rinse the shampoo off with lukewarm water. 

  • IF there is still some make up left, repeat the procedure.

  • Take a towel or hand paper and dry your lashes by softly touching the towel or paper. Do not rub. 

  • After when your lashes are dry, brush them through with a clean mascara wand.

  • Repeat the procedure couple of times in a week, or everyday if you wear makeup.

 policy & aftercare

Great lashes have Éclat written all over them.


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