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Welcome to Éclat Studio, a little oasis of coziness in the center of Oslo, where you can blend in with the relaxing atmosphere and forget your everyday doings.


Founded in 2014 by Mari-Ann Randalu to show that lash application is a form of art and the process comfortable if done properly. At Éclat you will get a personal approach with each session because each customer has a unique set of eyelash extensions. We craft customized fans specially for you as we don´t believe in one-size-fits-all work. By choosing Éclat Studio you can be certain that no pair of lashes looks the same.

Our friendly therapists are certified for the treatments that they offer and experienced in what they do. As self-improvement is the key to always give you the best quality service, we also have ongoing training plans for treatments and customer service. Even though we proudly stand by our work, minor mistakes like lashes falling off too soon can happen once in a while. Since putting a smile on your face is important to us you will get a free fixing and a little surprise to brighten your day.


Come join our family and we will do everything in our power to make your experience unforgettable+ free naps are included with each session:)


Vippetekniker og bryn stylist

2015 classical lash extensions at XL LASHES

2016 volume lash extensions at Éclat Studio

2016 Full Glam Brow Design at PRO BROWS

2019 volume lash extensions DIVINE LASH UNIVERSITY Anna Agarkova

I’m so happy to have a job that makes ladies so happy, so satisfying to see your clients light up when they look in the mirror after a new sett or a refill.



Alvina has been with us since 2014. She just needs one look into your eyes and magic will happen. Also she is know for her light hands and doll-eye.



Olga learned lashes in 2019 under Alvina and Kristel at Éclat Studio. Behind a modest woman is a true talent. 

våre tekniker



Anneli joined Éclat Studio in 2019. She loves to create modest look which accelerates the natural beauty.

Great lashes have Éclat written all over them.


Prinsens gate 10c og Tollbugata 13, 0152
Oslo, Norway
+47 983 53 740
(innom garden på Posthallen)
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