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 vippe extensions

TOUCH UP (30min/45min)                                                                                                        450kr/650kr

Having an upcoming event or if you just want to add some extra lashes here and there, but refill is too far to wait, then touch up is a good solution for it. We offer 30min and 45min. Remember, Touch Up doesn't replace refill.

PÅFYLL (60min/75min/90min)                                                                                  850kr/950kr/1050kr

Our refills are divided into three timings. Since everyones lashes and shedding are individual, we offer different refill times for everyones needs. Refill is recommended after 2-4 weeks, of course depending on natural lash change, lifestyle and lash growth.


NYTT SETT NATURLIG VIPPE EXTENSIONS (90MIN)                                                                        1300kr

If you want to have a mascara effect for your lashes, then this set is for you. We recommend either classical eyelash extensions, 2D-4D volume eyelash extensions or a nice mix with both classical and volume lashes. Refill is recommended after 2-3 weeks 60min and 4-5 weeks 75min. 

NYTT SETT MEDIUM VOLUME VIPPE EXTENSIONS (120MIN)                                                           1600kr

Medium volume sett would fit between classic and mega volume. The average amount of eyelash extensions used on one natural hair is 5D-7D, of course that varies from the amount of your natural hair. Refill is recommended after 2-3 weeks 75min and 4-5 weeks 90min.

NYTT SETT MEGA VOLUME VIPPE EXTENSIONS (135min)                                                               1900kr

The only DRAMA I enjoy is in my lashes. If you agree to that then book the mega volume set and enjoy the volume in your lashes. This set is perfect for special events, Christmas, weddings or photoshoots. In mega volume set there are used up to 15D lashes on one natural hair. Therefore we use 0,05 and 0,06 thicknesses to not give too much weight to your natural eyelashes. Refill is recommended after 3-4 weeks 90min.

NYTT SETT MED JUNIOR STYLIST (180min)                                                                                       1400kr

All our Junior Stylists are certified eyelash technicians. Due to less experience, the treatment will take little more time than usual, free naps are included.

bryn styling

Farging og Forming av Bryn (30min)                          350kr

Forming av bryn (15min)                                                  200kr

Farging av bryn (15min)                                                  200kr

Great lashes have Éclat written all over them.


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